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This is the web page that has a sense of humor, has good taste in music and supports man's bestfriend.

  • How can humor help to keep you happy? Hey, George Burns lived to be 100!

    Check out the Humor Link

  • What musical group helps you to surf more than the web?

    Look at the Beach Boys link!

  • What does man's best friend have to do with it? See a cute picture.
    ***My Articles Links being updated***

    I have a bunch of changes to this web site in progress, so excuse the TBA (To Be Announced) dead links for now. All my previous Linux articles are found under the Linux Related section in the My Articles section.

  • Hot Links

    The "hot links" section is designed to provide all with the computer sites that I rank among the best. Here, you will find a variety of links to both computer related sites, or just some fun ones too!

    Kim Komando's Komputer Klinic has been around for some time and is an all around fun site for experienced users and newbies alike.

    Cnet Central is another fine site. Here, you can look up information on all that hardware that you have been wanting to buy. They also have an auction site, as well as an extensive download section.

    Computer giving you the boot? Or, do you like to troubleshoot your system before posting the problem on a forum? Troubleshoot it first at PC Guide.

    A Utility to Backup Outlook Express: Creates a backup copy of email messages, attachments, address book, list of blocked senders, identities, accounts, message rules, and signatures.

    This site, under the "Misc." category, has gotten me out of some good jams. If you need a Windows boot disk (how many of you actually make one?), a flash only boot disk, hard drive partitioning tool, or just a good virus utility, bootdisk.com has an answer. Plenty of goodies here!

    Looking for a small distro that fits onto a minidisk or USB stick.? Or maybe you want to boot your Linux distro from a zip drive or compact flash card? Puppy Linux is here! Take a look at this interesting distro by clicking on the link under the Linux Links section.

    And finally... you get your Linux distro the way that you want it, just to discover that you have made a change that trashed your ability to boot into your favorite distro? Check out the System Rescue CD that just may save your aging hairline. 

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