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Danleff (talk) 14:09, 31 December 2017 (UTC)

Linux Tools


  1. Install a program called chntpw
     $ sudo apt-get install chntpw
  2. After successfully installing chntpw, you have to access the Windows NTFS partition by mounting it and allowing read/write support (see below)
  3. After that, use your command line skills by navigating to WINDOWS/system32/config
  4. Once inside the config directory, issue this command:
     $ sudo chntpw SAM
  5. A long display of information will follow. Just ignore them.
  6. Once you are prompted to reset the password, it is recommended to leave the password blank with an asterisk (*).
  7. Reboot, and you can now login to Windows with full administrative access.
  • From System Rescue CD
  1. ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /mnt/windows –o force (-o force optional)
  2. cd /mnt/windows/Windows/System32/config
  3. chntpw –l SAM (lists user names)
  4. chntpw –u (Username) SAM (gives you the wizard screen - choose option 2)

Windows Tools

Command line using Linux

  • navigate to Windows system folder
  • copy file utiladmin to 1
  • change the nam of utiladmin to CMD

windows command line

  • Boot into Windows login
  • click on accessability icon
  • neruser (username) thn enter a password