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Nand transfer

External Hard Drive


  1. Pop the SD card back in your Wii and launch the Homebrew channel.
  2. How to Back Up and Play Your Wii Games from an External Hard Drive
  3. Run DOP-Mii and select Install I0S36 (v3351) w/FakeSign from the menu:
  4. The next series of screens look similar to the above screenshot. On those screens you will apply—press A to say yes to—the ES_Identity patch, the NAND Permissions patch, and then you will download the patches through your Wii's internet connection like so:
  5. After the screen above, DOP-Mii will ask you if you want to restore IOS15 to v523. Again, click A to confirm that you would. DOP-Mii will complete the modification and kick you back to the Homebrew channel. Note: In some instances this tweak can invert the Homebrew screen, a strange quirk. You can fix it easily by reloading the Homebrew installer.
  6. The next step is to introduce a new IOS to your system. Download the cIOS installer here. Extract the zip file, again keeping the folder structure intact, to the /Apps/ folder on your Wii SD card. Pop the SD card back in the Wii and launch the Homebrew Channel:
  7. Launch the cIOS installer. On the initial screen, use the right and left Wiimote directional pad to switch the ISO number to ISO36. Press A to confirm:
  8. On the next screen, use the keypad to select Network Installation. Press A to confirm. The cIOS Installer will churn away for a minute or so and then confirm a successful installation. Press any button to reboot the Wii.

  • The update partition for Animal Crossing: City Folk (RUUE) contains IOS38, which may be required for the game's Wii Speak feature. But City Folk also contains an update partition with System Menu 3.3 and a "fixed" IOS30 and IOS31, which prevents any "trucha"-signed discs from running, including the Homebrew Channel installer ISO versions. City Folk does not contain the October 23rd update, which fixes the signing bug in every IOS, but it's likely to be on future discs.
  • The Disc Channel will not let you start Animal Crossing: City Folk until you've installed all updates from the partition. Here's how to install the new IOS so that Animal Crossing: City Folk will work:
  • Gecko 1.8 or later automates all steps of this process and is recommended over it.
    • Get WUFE and WadImport and put them on your SD card.
    • Use Wii Update File Extractor to dump the update partition to an SD card with 200 MB free.
    • Create a folder at the root of your SD card called wad
    • Move IOS38-64-v###.wad from the root into the wad folder. The rest of the wads are no longer needed.
    • Use WadImport to install IOS38 to your Wii console.
    • At this point, you may be able to load the game disc through the Disc Channel. If it still displays "Wii System Update", use Gecko OS to start it.
  • Based on an explanation provided by Muzer in #wiihelp



Transfer Data

  • Transferring Game Data to the Wii U

The process of transferring game data is fairly straightforward. You first copy the data to the SD card by inserting the card and selecting the "Wii Settings" option from the Wii main menu. Then you select "Data Management," "Save Data" then "Wii." See two tabs. The first is "Wii," and it is selected by default; it shows the data on the Wii. The second is "SD Card," and it shows the data on the card. Then all you do is select the game to transfer in the Wii tab, click "Copy" in the menu that appears and allow it to copy. Then just put the SD card in the second Wii, navigate to the "SD Card" tab in the "Data Management" section, click the game and then select "Copy" again.