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Version 7.2 iOS

Version 7 iOS

  • Jailbreak 7.0.4 iOS Evasi0n
  • Video
  • NOTES: if the phone is already jailbroken on iOS 6, restore it via iTunes after doing a backup.
  • Do the jailbreak, then restore the backup to the phone.

Version 6 iOS


  • Video

Devices it works for: iPhone 4 (For AT&T AND Verizon Models) iPhone 3GS iPod Touch 2nd Gen (MC and Non-MC Models) iPod Touch 3rd Gen iPod Touch 4th Gen Steps:

  • 1. Download Greenpois0n for your OS (Windows and Mac) – http://www.greenpois0n.com
  • 2. Open Greenpois0n + iTunes and set your iDevice into DFU mode by following these instrucations:
  • a. Hold down the home and power button for a total of 10 seconds
  • b. Let go of the power button and continue to hold the home button for 20 seconds
  • 3a. Hit “Jailbeak” in Greenpois0n – If your on a Mac
  • 3b. Hit “Prepare to Jailbreak (DFU)” in Greenpois0n then “Jailbreak!” – If your on a Windows

—Troubleshooting Steps—

  • 4. (conditional) If your iDevice just goes to the Apple logo (instantly) or if it just says failed then follow steps 2-3 again!
  • 5. (conditional) If step 4 (conditional) doesn’t work then you MUST restore to 4.2.1
  • 6. (conditional) If you don’t have “Loader” to install Cydia AND IT WORKED ALL OF THE WAY then run Redsn0w over it – here is a tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-h597PR_KI
    • NOTE** You must have the latest version of iTunes!

Version 5.1.1



  • Use cydia to install OpenSSH on the iphone.
  • Use Audacity to export an MP3 to M4A format.
  • Rename the file to M4R
  • log into SSH ( Connect to server) in Fedora once connecting OpenSSH and determining the IP address. The user is root and the password is alpine.
  • Navigate to Library/Ringtones and copy the ringtone to that directory.
  • If using iTunes, sync the ringtone after adding it to the ringtone menu - Ringtones must be 30 seconds or less.
  • create-ringtones-for-your-iphone-using-linux
  • Ringtone FAQ


Hack Features

User Guides

DFU Mode

  • Connect the iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes.
  • Turn the iPhone off (hold down the power button at the top of the iPhone).
  • Hold down the sleep/power button and home button together for exactly 10 seconds, then release the power button.
  • Continue to hold down the Home button until a message appears in iTunes telling you an iPhone in recovery mode has been detected by iTunes.