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Danleff (talk) 18:29, 23 December 2018 (UTC)

Upgrade Instructions

  • obtain the new file and unpack it in a known location.
  • Login to the server-->Control Panel-->File Manager and upload the new Mediawiki directory to wiki-new
  • move the old LocalSettings.php to the proper location in the new directory
  • move missing extensions and images to the new folder.
  • Navigate with the browser to the new wiki mw-config directory
  • Run the upgrade
  • change the original wiki directory to wiki-old and the wiki-new to wiki

Official Upgrade Instructions

  • After extracting the tarball, you should copy or move some files and folders from the old installation directory to the new one:
  1. LocalSettings.php, which contains your old configuration settings.
  2. The images (or uploads in older versions) directory, which contains all the uploaded files to the wiki, unless you have chosen a different upload directory, and change the ownership and permissions. find ./images -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \; and chgrp -R apache images (e.g. if your web user is apache).
  3. Some extensions in the extensions directory. You should always get updated extensions, old extensions aren't guaranteed to work with a newer version of MediaWiki.
  4. In case you use a custom logo this file also needs to be restored from backup. Before 1.24 usually in skins/common/images/. After 1.24 in resources/assets/ or images/ if that's what you chose to use. Then add to LocalSettings.php e.g. $wgLogo = "$wgScriptPath/images/logo.png";
  5. Custom skins from within the skins directory.
  6. Any modifications made to the old installation files or extensions.
  7. Any .htaccess file (if you're using Apache and you've defined any rules in them).
  • Once done, make this new folder the published folder on the web server, or rename the old installation directory and then rename the new one to match the old name.

Upgrade to new password hash 1.24

  • SET old_passwords = 0;
  • SET PASSWORD=PASSWORD('yourpassword');