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--Danleff 04:53, 8 September 2012 (PDT)

  • Insert you SD card into the Wii. Start it up and go to the Homebrew Channel.

Now located the cIOS D2X Installer and run it.

  • Wait for the app to load. Read the text on the welcome screen (if it interests you) and press A to continue.
  • If you are asked to choose an IOS for installation, select IOS236 and continue.
  • Time to install the cIOSs

You are now on the main config screen. A lot of options will be available here. Your cursor will be on the cIOS D2X Version. Use right on the D-Pad to change it to the newest version. Move down, and change the IOS Base to 56 Move down again, and change the IOS slot to your preferred slot. Most people use slot 249. If you want, you can change the version under the fourth option, though this doesn't directly change the result. After configuring the cIOS, press the Home button to add the cIOS to the Batch. You will see a message in green on the bottom to confirm.

  • Next, you want to configure the second cIOS. This time, use base 57, and choose a different slot (250 in this tutorial).

Again, press the Home button to add the cIOS to the batch.

  • You are now ready to install, so press A to continue. You will land on an overview with the available cIOS slots.

The slots you just selected should be blinking. Several other slots may be highlighted in red.

  • Press A to start the installation.

Wait for the progress to complete. It may take a while, especially for the online installation. Once it finishes, you will land on another IOS overview screen. Your freshly installed cIOSs will be highlighted in a green color.

  • Press the A button to go back to the configuration screen.

Finally, press B to exit the application.