Controlling Hypertension

Compiled by Daniel Leffingwell MS, RN

Date: 3/27/07

What is Hypertension (high blood pressure)?

Why is it important to control or watch your blood pressure?

Is it important to watch your blood pressure only if you are elderly?

Who is at Risk?

    The elderly

    African Americans



    Family History

    Inactive Lifestyle


What is the best way to take your blood pressure?

    -manual blood pressure cuff vs. electronic

    -pharmacy blood pressure machine

    -the right size cuff

What is a normal blood pressure?

What are the symptoms of high or low blood pressure?

What does one blood pressure reading tell you?

    the white coat syndrome.

    one reading vs. readings over a period of time.

What does your blood pressure tell you about your body and illnesses?

Illnesses that your blood pressure will tell you and your doctor about.


    Kidney Disease

    Anxiety (the white coat syndrome)

    Heart Failure



    Effects of medications





The Importance of  Communicating with your Doctor

Does your doctor tell you what your blood pressure is, or just say that it's "ok"?

Do you ask?

The importance of keeping track or keeping a record of your blood pressure.

What to tell your doctor.




    Blurred vision

    fleeling flushed (use the flushing effects that niacin can cause)

    a sudden change in how you feel

    Allthe medications that you are taking, including over the counter medications and herbal remedies.

    What others tell you.

Treatment for High Blood Pressure

A. Medications

B. Diet

    The controversy over low salt diets

C. Exercise

D. Reducing Stress

E. Quittting smoking

F. Limit or elminate caffeine from your diet