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My History with the LENS Program

About 25 years ago, my supervisor approached me about doing some volunteer work for the New York State Nurses Association Foundation in a program designed to educate seniors on a variety of health topics. At the time, I was a Community Mental Health Nurse employeed in a state outpatient geriatric psychiatric clinic.The Foundation's LENS Program (Linking Education, Nurses and Seniors) needed a speaker to provide a program on the benefits of humor in keeping one healthy. My first program, Health & Humor, was desiged to teach elders about the physiologial, emotional and practical benefits of using humor to keep onself healthy. This program continues to be a widely requested program for the Foundation.

Why my supervisor thought that I would be a good match for ths program is still a mystery to me today. But, I continue to provide various workshops to seniors through the program, in a wide variety of home settings. While I recently retired from adolescent nursing, the LENS Program allows me to continue to stay in touch with my geriatric nursing roots.


This page is dedicated to my past and present  work with seniors, no matter what setting they are in. I hope that this page allows others to understand and appreciate the benefit of working with the ageing population and of Geriatrics in general.

Please visit my general nursing page for related materials and experience in geriatric nursing that I have compiled over the years.

Index of LENS Programs that I have Provided

1. Health & Humor

    Here is a picture taken of me providing a Health and Humor workshop at St. Peter's Armenian Apostolic Church in Watervliet, New York.

2. Living with Arthritis

3. Safety in the Home

4. Depression in the Elderly

5. The Holiday Blues

6. Improving Your Memory

7. Maintaining Your Emotional Balance

8. Men's Health

9. Successful Aging

10. Healthy Heart

11. Sensory Changes as we Age

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