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This is the web page that has a sense of humor, has good taste in music and supports man’s best friend.

  • How can humor help to keep you happy? Hey, George Burns lived to be 100! Check out the Humor Link
  • What musical group helps you to surf more than the web? Look at the Beach Boys link!

    Updated 1/12/24

Danleff Wiki Page

All my links and articles related to computers, Wii console and some medical links.


Historical computer links and articles that I have previously written.

Beach Boys

The link to my web page about the Beach Boys and Brian Wilson. Mostly historical information.

Nursing Page

All things nursing and my health teaching efforts with seniors in the area.

Family Forum

Link to the private page and forum for our family. If you have forgotten your login information, call me.

How Humor keeps you Healthy

My web page for humor information and resources.