BiosSavior Review

For all you guys and gals who feel that you need to flash your bios, and fail, lets see if it works!

And I promise that I won't preach about the risk of flashing your bios - all the major motherboard sites do that for me! :banghead:

It works well!

The instructions are clear and simple. I sent the company, Eksitdata the latest bios update for my Soyo K7VTA-PRO motherboard to support the XP1800+ AMD processor that I have, and they sent me back their product. As you can see, the price seems reasonable for the saved headaches one can experience. It took about 1 1/2 weeks for the product to arrive via US Mail from Sweden. Thanks Mike!

To spare all (and to save myself from writing a full review), the results were what should be expected. So... here is a link to a review by those more expert than myself.


The EksitData web page also has a faq page, that lists a database of motherboards supported. Nice!

Many of us have been there.

You download the incorrect bios flash file for your system. Easy to do. Just a slip of the correct motherboard version.

Your floppy drive is defective, or won't read.

You find out later that the "certified" bios update has a bug (yes, it has been known to occur).

Worse yet, the power goes out during the flash update, or you boot the system before the flash is finished ("I thought it was done!").

For all you folks who need to flash your bios, this product seems worth the wait, and time, you probably would have spent trying to recover your bios when something goes wrong during the flash (did you save that old bios file?).

Can you wait 1 1/2 weeks before flashing your bios, especially if your not REALLY sure that you have the correct bios flash file?

If you mess up your bios flash, a flip of the switch that mounts on the back of the chassis (that is attached to the BiosSavior chip and mounted in a free PCI space), switches you to the back-up bios, and your in business again!