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This page will be designed to provide the reader with a variety of nursing related material. It will contain a collection of my personal experiences in nursing over the last 30 years as a nurse in the field of Geriatrics, and most recently, Adolescent Nursing. I hope to keep this page updated with relevent links to helpful nursing related sites, as well as articles of interest in my fields of specialty. On occasion, I will also post articles of interest that I have written, but which have not been published.

Included on this page, will be material that I have gathered as a volunteer speaker with the New York State Nurses Association Foundation LENS (Linking Education Nurses and Seniors) Program. The Foundation offers educational and informational workshops and presentations to seniors on a variety of health topics. I have been involved in the LENS Program for over 25 years and will share my experiences and materials here. A seperate link will be added to this page for the LENS program. You can read about the program here.

I hope that this page proves to be not only interesting and thought provoking, but also provide some much needed humor for health care professionals who dedicate their lives to nursing as a healing art.

The Role of Humor in Nursing

Nurses are exposed to a variety of challenging experiences in their everyday work. But they also share one common experience, an occasional dose of humor that allows them to balance the stress that caring for ill patients exposes them to. Take a moment and share with me some humorous stories that I collected over the years, that made some of those seemingly endless days worth it all! Visit the "nursing humor" link on the right pane.

Humor is an important tool for nurses and caregivers alike to use in order to balance the stress of caring for patients. Added on April 30, 2005 is a Bibliography of caregiver humor resources. See the caregiver humor link on the right.

Nursing Internet Resources

There never does seem like there is enough time to keep up with the latest news and research in nursing. Some like to decompress from a long day with a favorite book, or engage in a favorite activity. Mine is dabbling with my computer. The internet has rapidly become an invaluable resource for nurses and nurisng related web sites are rapidly growing. "Web Page Links" is my effort to keep up with the proliferation of such resources available on the World Wide Web.

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