Medication errors

OMRDD - OPWDD TYPES OF INCIDENTS... Medication Error (if resulting in adverse effects); and REPORTABLE INCIDENTS, SERIOUS REPORTABLE INCIDENTS, AND ABUSE IN FACILITIES OPERATED OR CERTIFIED BY OMRDD 624.4 Reportable incidents, serious reportable incidents, abuse, defined. Reportable Incidents Medication Error. That situation in which a person evidences marked adverse effects or a person's health or welfare is in jeopardy due to: (i) The administration of medication in an incorrect dosage, in an incorrect specified form, by incorrect route of administration, or which has not been prescribed or ordered. (ii) Administration of a medication to the wrong person. (iii) Failure to administer a prescribed medication. Serious Reportable Incidents Only when the error results in the admission of a person to a hospital or 24-hour infirmary for treatment or observation. NOTE: Errors which do not result in marked adverse effects are not reportable incidents, but must be documented in a person's record in accordance with agency procedures and shall be dealt with administratively. Error and Punishment